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15 February 2014 - Desa Sales and Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony.

The Desa Sales and Purchase Agreement Signing Ceremony was held on 15 February 2014, at Nilai 3 StreetMall. An approximate 400 people attended the event including panel bankers, lawyers and of course our most esteemed purchasers. Purchasers who signed their Sales and Purchase Agreement on that day was entitled to a lucky draw which prizes included a 41" LED TV, Bicycles, Shopping Vouchers and more. Purchasers who brought friends to purchase a unit were also given a referral fee of RM5,000. The kids were entertained by Bobo the Clown while their parents were busy and a bouncy castle was also erected for their amusement. A big thank you to all the purchasers who took the time and effort to attend the event, and we look forward to the next gathering of our friendly community!

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